What Happens when its rains ?

Pristine Pole cleans windows irrespective of the weather,the Pure water Rainwater imagethat I use to clean windows which has the same chemical breakdown as pure rainwater.


I recently tested the rain (Aug 14 Poole,Dorset) with my meter which measures Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in water,  TDS is the description for the particulates that leave water marks  and spots on your glass.  I collected the rain water in a clean beaker and tested the content.  I established that the TDS reading of the rain water  was 0 Ptds meterarts Per Million (PPM)  Ie 100% Pure.beaker Interestingly, I then passed the same water through some relatively clean guttering and found that the water have already picked up enough particulates to change its reading to 60PPM.


So, essentially if it rains during or directly after I’ve been to clean your windows there is no need to NWA1904worry, the rain directly hitting the glass is ordinarily clean and will not affect the finish.


100GuaranteeNaturally if you find this not to be the case feel free to contact me after your clean and I will happily resolve any issues.

The only weather conditions that will impact my operation would be

rainlightn2_7187 Lightning storms (Due to the conductivity of the carbon fibre pole that I use), excessive wind, cold or extremely persistent heavy rain.

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